From the bottom of my heart many many thanks to @30secondstomars @shannonleto @tomofromearth @jaredleto for an unforgettable night. Midway through the year my life turned into a clusterfuck of one problem to the next. Each day was a struggle but it only got worse. During that time, I lost someone very near and dear to me. Each day was a battle with trying to plaster on a smile when really all I wanted to do was break down. Through all of that @30secondstomars you were there with me every step of the way. You were there when I felt my loneliest and pulled me through even the toughest of days, for that I am truly grateful. If that moment in time was my darkest then I can safely say that you guys, that this night was definitely my dawn and the only way from here is up. Right? That’s right! Thank you for writing/making such amazing music and for putting on a fantastic show. I’ve never experienced a show in the way I was lucky enough to and for that let me give a great big thank you to @adventureofficial for providing such a memorable experience. I looked forward to the next show and of course my next adventure in wonderland. #adventuresinwonderland #grateful #thirtysecondstomars #shannonleto #tomomilicevic #jaredleto #carnivorestour #30secondstomars #shanimal

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So I keep seeing all these posts about Shannon’s coffee/clothing company, Black Fuel Trading Co., did he officially announce it or something? Is it coming out #soon aka 10 years from now?


Just curious cause I’ve seen him wear the merch as early as may

He made an announcement at our M&G yesterday and explained what it’s going to be what they’ll be selling. Also something about in the meantime he might start selling the merch. Like hats, shirts, lunch boxes, thermos, and so on and so forth. Something along those lines

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Oooh I was there :D

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1 band. 2 t-shirts. 3 designs. Majority of the process from beginning to end. Roll tape. Showing some super fly love for @30secondstomars and my boy @shannonleto #diymode #carnivorestour #shanimal #shannonleto #triad #fateiscoming I was going to wait till after the show but screw it. I can’t wait to dance my ass off today. #getmysweaton

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One fire pit to rule them all

Is this a thing the general public can purchase?


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Fashion! Put It All On Me ➝  Paolo Sebastian f/w 2014-15

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Johnny Depp runs into Beatrice Delap at the POTC4 premiere (x)

This man I just…

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This will be me treating my patients.

Side effects may cause:- sneezing- tiny scratches- erectile disfunction(Hehe… I love this show)




This will be me treating my patients.

Side effects may cause:

- sneezing
- tiny scratches
- erectile disfunction

(Hehe… I love this show)

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Like if you know who this is! Share if you love! :) 


Like if you know who this is! Share if you love! :) 

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30 Seconds to Mars - Love Lust Faith + Dreams / First lines (insp)

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"Oh this darn wind does nothing for the hair style…"


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